Success Stories
A few examples on how Cale products and services have created high value solutions.

Cale terminal suitable for public transport applications

Severe hardships no problem for a Cale

Forsvarsbygg, the operator of the ferry boat service between the city of Drøbak and Oscarsborg Festning, wanted a solution for selling tickets in a more efficient way than manual sales previously handled by the ferry staff.

Forsvarsbygg envisaged a ticket terminal enabling payment with credit cards. They surrounded environment is very tough and the terminal would be located on the quay and there exposed to rain, salt water spray, wind and varying temperatures during all seasons.
The solution was an MPC for payment with credit cards and connected to CWO.

Buses going cashless

More and more city bus companies are installing Cale terminals for purchase of bus tickets at the bus stops. The reason is that cash handling no longer is allowed onboard buses, in order for bus drivers to be safer.

International airport tickets no problem

Airport buses are another form of transport with a large throughput of passengers. The airport Skavsta in the city of Nyköping, Sweden, is an example of a customer that has invested in a Cale payment terminal to reduce the workload on the personnel handling the ticket sales in the arrival area. The terminal is positioned close to the bus stop.

Because many passengers are international, the payment terminal operates in several languages, with English selected as default. The payment terminal accepts all types of credit cards so people from abroad don’t have to bother about changing money to Swedish currency before leaving the airport. And the bus driver doesn’t have to handle large sums of money on board, which reduces the risk of robbery.

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