Success Stories
A few examples on how Cale products and services have created high value solutions.

Remote opening of barriers

Hertfordshire County Council, UK, has installed a Pay-at-Exit barrier system from Cale BriParc at Aldenham Country Park.

Problem with late stayers

The  Country Park had a problem with visitors wishing to leave the facility after staff had left for the evening. This was particularly acute during the summer evenings, when many visitors would stay late and enjoy some of popular walks offered at the site. Late exit visitors who experienced difficulties had to use an emergency telephone to call out a mobile security officer, who could be attending a site some miles away from Aldenham.

Clever solution

To alleviate these problems, Cale BriParc installed a Bewator telecode remote intercom. Should a visitor require any assistance at the exit barrier and the site is unattended; the driver can press one of the pre-programmed speed dial buttons to contact relevant personnel at a remote location on their mobile phone.

Remote barrier opening

The system offers the ability to remotely open the barrier via any mobile telephone or landline, without having to attend site. This is achieved by inputting a simple numeric code into their handset, allowing the barrier system to be fully operational at all times. This means that Aldenham Country Park does not lose any important revenue where previously it may have been necessary to leave the barrier in the raised position at the end of the attended working day or pay expensive call out charges for a security officer to attend site.

Caravan parking outside large warehouse

One of the largest warehouses in Scandinavia, Gekås, is located in Ullared, in the south of Sweden. The warehouse aims at offering a great and broad variety of goods to unbeatably low prices. Gekås has had up to 26.000 visitors in one single day.

Own caravan parking attracts shoppers

Gekås has their own camping. In order to make the administration of the parking place/sanistation for motorcaravans/campers more efficient, Gekås has invested in the MPC terminal for card payment, to control the opening of the barrier.

Staying at this parking place is cheaper than staying at the normal camping and the terminal is programmed to give special discounts to visitors using the special “Ullared-card”.

Pay-on-exit barrier system at national park

The Rockingham Forest Trust, UK, has recently installed a pay-on-exit barrier system at its car park at the Stanwick Lakes facility near Peterborough, a £2 million recreational and wildlife facility, which was opened in January 2006. Stanwick Lakes offers outdoor activities for children and adults and has been developed on a 650 acre site that once was a sand and gravel quarry.

Special parking solution

The parking system features an automatic entry barrier and a pay-on-exit barrier. Occasional visitors pay a fixed fee on exit at the coin acceptance unit, which is an upgraded version of a standard Cale parking terminal. Staff and regular visitors are issued with season cards, which are held close to the proximity card reader that is fitted to the coin acceptance unit. This increases the convenience for the regular visitor, as not only do they benefit from a discounted rate, they also do not need to carry change.

A barrier system was chosen to serve as a capacity count, to ensure that the car park never exceeds capacity, to increase security and to provide greater control over entry and exit times.

GSM based help point

The system also features a GSM based help point. This is a particularly useful facility at this rural location, especially for drivers who are exiting outside of normal operational hours. Should a motorist have any problem at the exit barrier, the motorist presses a button to contact the remote CCTV operator, who can then decide to attend site to deal with the emergency, or if all that is required is a one-off barrier raise, the guard can do this by simply keying in a code into their telephone.

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