Success Stories
A few examples on how Cale products and services have created high value solutions.

Cale terminal collects green fees

Do you have problems with players not paying their green fee, with the excuse that the reception was closed, so that they couldn’t pay? Or do you have burglars breaking in and stealing your green fees, paid outside office hours?

MPC terminal for early-bird players

This was an unsatisfactory situation for Sollentuna Golf Club in Stockholm, Sweden. Due to the isolated location of the club, they didn’t want to take the risk of allowing customers to put envelopes with cash in into a mail box. They realised that this was losing the club money and came up with the idea of having an automatic payment terminal outside the clubhouse for early-bird players.

When the player arrives at the golf club outside of the opening hours, they will use the MPC terminal for payment of green fees. The terminal accepts all kinds of credit cards and the player selects the applicable fee from a keypad according to the displayed tariff. Since the Cale system is very flexible, it is no problem to have different green fees for different times during the day – or for instance have a lower green fee in the autumn for afternoon players when it gets dark earlier.

More benefits than expected

”Our intention in the beginning was to take care of the payments outside office-hours in the terminal. But additionally, we have been able to improve our customer service, since it is possible to pay at the machine throughout the day”, says Fredrik Heinmets, Director of the Sollentuna Golf Club. ”Our receptionist can focus more on servicing our members with bookings, answering questions etc. instead of being a cashier. And green fee players can pay at the terminal as soon as they arrive, and do not have to wait at the reception desk to pay, which has been appreciated by both our guests and our staff”, continues Fredrik Heinmets.

Short pay-back time

Mr. Heinmets estimates that approximately 10 % of all the green fees have been paid at the terminal. Considering that about 10 green fees per day are sold outside office-hours, the terminal started to make ­money from day one. The investment in this terminal is also low compared to other equipment at the club, so the time for return on investment is short.

Credit card handling

Cale also takes care of the credit card transactions for the club. The transactions are transferred via GPRS to a server, and thereafter to the credit card companies, who takes care of the invoicing.
This means that no administration is added to the club, instead it has decreased. The service level has increased, so overall it is an ”all in one” solution.
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