CWT 2120

Optimise your operation with the latest payment terminal from Cale.

CWT 2120

The CWT 2100 is a highly versatile range of terminals that do not compromise on performance. Incorporating the latest in electronic, mechanical and data communication technology, the CWT 2120 can issue anything from parking tickets to entrance tickets and display information for visitors.

Adaptable and cost effective

The CWT 2120 can be customised to your requirements in terms of external appearance, ticketing and payment options and user interface. Its modular design with Swap and Go components that can be replaced with basic tools ensures minimum maintenance downtime.

High security

Building on 50 years experience of unattended payment terminals in outdoor environments, the 2120 features Cale’s new patented electronic lock. The 2120 can also be fitted with an alarmed vibration sensor for additional security. The 2120 accepts most means of payment and transfers electronic payments encrypted to the PCI standard securely via Cale WebOffice which can also monitor, analyse and present purchase data as required.  

User friendly

CWT 2120 terminals support multiple languages and have built-in speakers, which can be used to confirm selections and provide end user support and other useful information during the purchase process.

Cale WebTerminal 2120

CWT 2120 features a large touch screen colour display. The touch screen interface is simple, informative and intuitive and can include a touch keyboard to input codes, car registration numbers and similar data. As with the CWT 2110 and 2115 all tariff information is presented on the screen and can easily be updated remotely via Cale WebOffice.
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