General Cale information
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Our quality and environmental policy

Cale Access AB offers complete systems and accessories within the segment public automated ticketing, payment and fee systems. We meet our customers´ requirements of flexible solutions by marked controlled development. We work continuously with the significant aspects of our business with the aim of reducing its adverse environmental impact.
Peter Jehander, Cale Group Quality Manager

Continuous improvements

Continual improvements shall characterize the business. The current environmental legislation, as well as other regulations and requirements to which the company is fully committed, will provide the lowest level of conformity.

Competence of staff

Ongoing purposeful education will enhance our competence within specialist areas. We aim to ensure that our products shall be developed, manufactured and delivered in a resource effective way*, on time, to the right location and to the complete satisfaction of our customers.
"Resource effective way” here means that the manufacturing process must be economised regarding consumption of limited resources and prevention of pollution.


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