General Cale information
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Parking innovation expanded globally

Cale was founded more than 55 years ago. Today, our products for parking, public transport and entry fees can be found in more than 40 countries around the world.

Reliable portfolio of products and services

Today, we market our own integrated high-tech solutions for unattended parking and other entry fee systems. Our products are often part of a total concept in which we supply a large portfolio of services. We offer the tools and services you need to simplify ticket processing, accounting, maintenance, operation and administration. Many of our solutions use modern communications technology, the Internet and GPRS offering unique opportunities for support and advanced administration of various electronic payment systems such as credit cards. Our goal is to ensure our customers the highest possible efficiency at the lowest possible cost, today and in the future.

Focus on innovation through Cale R&D

Most of our product development is carried out at our headquarters in Stockholm. Cale is known for its highly skilled personnel, with one-of-a-kind expertise in a number of areas. This means that we often set the world standard in those markets where we work. We've committed large financial and human resources to developing new solutions. We’re constantly introducing unique new applications. User optimized interfaces, wireless communication between terminal and back office and maximum security electronic payment systems are just a few innovations that have made our solutions among the world’s most sought-after.

Our goal is best customer value

All our products are based on what is best for the customer. Our products are often built on cutting-edge technology, yet always with an eye to costs. Our customers can be sure that a Cale product is easy to install, easy to use and cost efficient to own. We want our customers to feel that they are making a profitable investment. Return-on-investment, ROI, has always been a central concept both for us and for those who buy our products.

A global presence

We have subsidiaries in Canada, Norway, the UK, France and Germany with representatives from Mexico to New Zealand. Our terminals can be found on four out of five continents. You can find a Cale in Canberra, Australia; in Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon in England; in Berkeley in sunny California; at Saltsjöbaden’s Golf Club and Arlanda Airport in Stockholm to name just a few. All our subsidiaries and partners meet our high standards of service and availability.

Cale Australia Pty. Ltd. Unit 3, 4 Bookham Street, Moreley WA 6062 Australia Freecall 1300 0P CALE (1300 07 2253) ACN 146 914 276